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Napkin Rings!

Another Christmas gift idea! I saw these rings for jewelry when I was doing research for Christmas gift ideas using wire-wrapping…

napkin rings

I thought they were great as rings but I was actually looking for gifts that I could give to those who couldn’t or wouldn’t wear jewelry. I decided a great idea would be to use these rings as napkin rings. I purchased some really nice cloth napkins and began working away.


This was my first napkin ring. The above is using 16-gauge sterling silver wire. It looks okay from far away but I ended up deciding to abandon this idea. The problem is that napkin rings are very, very thick in order to be sturdy. They also need to be quite large in circumference in order to fit over cloth napkins. Anything thicker than say 16-guage was extremely difficult to manipulate with my tools and using enough wire to get it large enough to fit over the cloth was going to be quite costly.

I made multiple attempts with multiple different wire gauges and metals. Nothing really came out the way I had imagined. I may keep playing with this idea and figure something out for next year.


Real, decorated Christmas trees!

This post, and the next several will be featuring some of the projects I made for Christmas gifts. This was a unique idea that I did for the first time this year. One of my friends bought some miniature euro trees from Trader Joes for her kids to decorate. I thought this was an awesome idea since it’s an actual living plant that can be undecorated and kept during the summer, and then redecorated again the following year!


I purchased some sparkly bows, miniature garland of a few different colors and types, miniature icicles, miniature Christmas colored bells, and a few other things. The trees can be purchased from most stores that sell plants like Trader Joes, Home Depot, etc. The tiny ornaments and decorations can be purchased at most crafting stores. For mine, I went to Michaels.


I started off with garlands around the entire tree, bows at the tops. Then I worked in some icicles. The miniature Christmas bells didn’t have any loops to actually hang them with. This is where my wire-wrapping came in handy! I made my own tiny hooks for each of the little bells and decorated the trees with them.

Here are a few other varieties… (you’ll have to excuse my cat.. she couldn’t stay out of the pictures lol…)

wpid-20141208_014629.jpg wpid-20141208_014712.jpg

wpid-20141208_014732.jpg wpid-20141208_014644.jpg

I had a blast making these and I will most likely do this again next year. If you do this though, don’t forget to water them! I’m not a huge fan of plants, nor do I normally keep them in the house, so I had to frequently remind myself to water them!

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I’m still here!

I have not forgotten about my blog or my followers. In fact, I have been crafting away making tons of jewelry, learning how to solder, and working on other wire projects as well!

As soon as Christmas is over, and I have given out all my gifts, I will be updating my blog to show you all the fabulous things I’ve been working on. However, most of these projects are being given as gifts so I don’t want to spoil their surprise by showing them on my blog.

I have already written several posts and they are scheduled to be published starting December 27th so stay tuned! I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been working on!

How about you all ? Are you working away busily on all your Christmas gifts?!

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Christmas Gifts! Ideas??

Howdy my fellow bloggers! I must appologize for being away from my favorite hobby for so long! School is back in session, the holidays are around the corner, and sadly, I was recently diagnosed with De Quarvain’s tendonitis which makes crafting difficult and painful 😦

However, despite being busy and in pain, Christmas is coming… YIPPEE!  …and I need to get some of these gifts created! For most of the females on my gift list, I will be gifting them some of the jewelry I’ve been making. But there is at least one female in my family who is allergic to metal, and most of the males in my family don’t wear jewelry. This got me to thinking… what can I make them with wire wrapping that isn’t jewelry??

I’ve been searching the internet for ideas. So far I’ve come up with napkin rings, candle holders, chimes, letter holders, and a “gem tree”. Of course I’d add my own flare to each thing, so as not to copy people’s projects, but at least they are basic ideas to start with. Pics of ideas I found on the internet below…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA chime gem tree letter holder napkin rings

Does anyone have any other ideas? Or even free craft patterns? Post here if you do! 😀


My first creation!

For Project Five, I was supposed to make a necklace using wrapped loops. However, after multiple failed attempts at trying to order the proper supplies to make it, I decided to just practice making wrapped loops and then make my own thing. The necklace required 25mm flat, rounded beads, among many other beads, which are actually quite hard to find. Twice, I ordered beads that were supposed to be flat and round and 25mm and twice that is not what I got. But that’s okay because it gave me a chance to be creative and come up with my own design. I also was not crazy about the necklace, overall. It was way too chunky for my style. I decided to make a bracelet!

20140915_042418 20140915_043845

I chose to go with rose-colored beads, some metal daisy spacers, and 20 gauge pink wire. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was making when I started. But after I looped a couple together, I started to realize I liked how it looked, just the way it was.

20140924_082813 20140924_082826 20140924_082903

Above is the completed product! This is the first piece I have designed on my own. I think I may sell this design in different colors once I master making it. This particular one will go to a family member as a gift of course. I also had to teach myself how to make a clasp out of wire. I had lobster claw clasps, but they were sterling silver and I didn’t want it to ruin the color scheme of the bracelet. My idea is to do this with multiple colored beads and a matching colored wire. It was simple and fun! I really like that wrapped loop look. Eventually, I’d like to craft some matching earrings.


Wrapped loops

It has been a whirlwind of a week. School just started back up for me, which is why I haven’t had much time to work on jewelry 😦

For the next project, I have to make a necklace using wrapped loops instead of the loops I’ve been making. Woohoo! Learning something new! I tried following the instructions in the book, but it was a little difficult and my loops were coming out very wonky.

20140915_035940 20140915_035952

I actually ended up going on youtube and watching a video which I found extremely helpful:

After watching that my loops seemed to be coming out slightly better:


Now I’m ready to move and start making the next necklace! Stay tuned…

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Project Four – Cleopatra’s Circlet

I have been wanting to make this for a while but had to hold off due to lack of supplies. The flat diamond shaped beads that are required to make this necklace were hard to find. So here’s my blueprint:


For this necklace we are using 16-gauge silver wire, 12 mm flat, diamond-shaped beads, 6mm rondelles with large holes (which I did not see until after ordering my supplies), silver chain, head pins, 2 mm metal beads, small bead caps, and lobster claws.

First we will start with placing a silver bead and a diamond-shaped bead on a head pin and making a loop at the top. 15 of these are required.


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Euro Tool Kit Review

Now that I have had a good amount of time to use a lot of the tools provided in my Euro Tool Kit, I feel I can give it a proper review. 3 out of 5 stars for this kit. Unfortunately, the more I have used this kit, the more I have had to buy a better brand of tool to replace it.

jewelry tool kit

The hammer that came with the kit is wooden. Not just the handle, but the entire hammer. Somehow, you are supposed to use this hammer to flatten, shape, and harden your wire jewelry. Well, considering the hammer is made of wood, this doesn’t work too great on metal. I have no idea if I’m actually accomplishing the “hardening” part, but I can promise you it definitely does not flatten or shape anything. The project where this was most prominent on was when I made my spiral jewelry which required me to hammer the spirals flat. I hammered and hammered and hammered…. and hammered… and nothing happened. I have since ordered a metal hammer.


Next are the round-nose pliers. These work fairly well, except when working with 20-gauge or larger wire. As soon as I start to work with with wire 20-gauge or larger, the pliers start to bend. For now, I’m working with them, but I can foresee that eventually I will need a more sturdy pair of pliers since they are the basis of most of the jewelry making.

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Ordering and arrival of more supplies!

First and foremost, my Wubbers looping pliers arrived!


And I must say that on first inspection, I can already tell they are going to work marvelously.  First of all, unlike the euro tools looping pliers, there is no gap. Second of all, I tried them, and they do indeed make perfectly round loops. Love these! My ONLY critique on these is that they can’t make large loops.


OK. In addition to this, I desperately needed to order more supplies for my upcoming projects. Here’s a taste of some of the stuff I ordered: more beads of various sizes and shapes, a better hammer, lobster clasps, more storage containers, a canvas case to hold my tools, some air-tight bags to hold finished products, and some anti-tarnish strips.

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Learning in a Class Environment

Check out this week’s post for “Help your fellow bloggers day!”

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